Monday, April 18, 2011

Unicorn Tidings

 98% of my posts are originated by a picture I happen to see on google images.
This no exception.
I couldn't pass it up.

One day, I was riding my pet unicorn, Sprinklefingers, down a polka-dot road to the G.L.I.T.T.E.R. convention, when we were approached by a herd of cupboard gnomes. They giggled with glee at the sight of Sprinklefingers and his purple hooves and promptly sang a song of everlasting friendship. Cupcakes were tossed willy-nilly, and all were happy and glad. Our joy was short-lived, however, when we were beset upon by a hoard of terrible lemon flavored ladybugs wielding spoons. Quaking in fear, we joined hands and hoof, and spun in a violent circle. Much abashed by this surprisng show of organized circulation, the tart insects fell back, clapping their wings in a frenzy and twittering loudly for all to hear. In a forest nearby, high up in the grape and tomato trees, the penguins cackled in delight, cheering for more. They, however, were left disappointed. Utterly defeated, the lemonlady bugs skittered away, never to be seen or tasted again.
Sprinklefingers and I continued on our way, singing and knitting, with joy in our hearts, overflowing with gratefulness to our cupboard-gnome friends for their quick thinking.

I typed every word that immediately came to mind, and that's what happened. Welcome to my brain.

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