Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Post.

photo by Benjamen Chinn
I begin a lot of my posts by apologizing..... sorry about that.

oh snap.

Now I've turned into that person, apologizing for apologizing.

May you grant your forgiveness and we can put this all behind us, like it never happened.
now on to other things.

The reason I was apolo-- I mean expressing remorse, was for my lack of posting. It has been quite some time since anything of note has popped into my brain, (thus, no posts) and I am completely convinced that I suffer from:

Seasonal Affective Disorder


Can it be true?
Indeed, I am living proof that it does exist.
This last month or 100 years, ( I can't remember which) of grey and rainy weather has taken its toll. Seriously.
It is so hard to function when all you want to do is curl up like a cat and take a nap till the sun comes out.
Have no fear though, I am determined to conquer it.

As soon as I'm done with this last nap.

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