Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dora the Explorah?

Last night, My family and I were once again discussing the critically acclaimed and cerebral stimulative tv show, known as Dora the Explorer.

We were reciting parts of Brian Regan's monologue, (that can be found on iTunes, Youtube... the like) in which he talks about how the creators of the show entitled it in such a way that it only rhymes if you're from the Kennedy family
"Dora the Explorah"

For the rest of us it just doesn't work.
I am taking this somewhere, I promise.

However, as we were talking, I began to wonder if maybe the title had originated in Spanish, and then wondered aloud what "Explorer" would be in Spanish. My fancy public schooled brother (who is taking Spanish) said that he thought the feminine version would probably be "Exploradora"

It all made sense now.

"Dora the Exploradora"

And sure enough, when I looked on Google Translate, our theories were vindicated.

You can rest easy now, knowing that the awkward sounding title that you have come to love, in spite of its rhyming failures, just needs to be in Spanish and all will be well.

Next project? Fixing the "Map Song."

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