Tuesday, April 26, 2011


In the world of art, there are very few movements that are as exciting and awkward as surrealism. In that world, anything goes, and it doesn't have to make any logical sense.
The juxtapositions and possibilities are endless, thereby supplying a great amount a freedom, but on the other hand, you might just end up with some really wacked out stuff.
For someone (like myself) who enjoys looking at things in opposite ways, it appeals to that small medium sized, oddball part of me.
Don't get me wrong, there are many other styles that I very much prefer, but this is what my art class is studying this week and I thought I'd share.

This is by Meret Oppenheim

So weird.
But oddly facinating.

I believe this is entitled "The Pianist" but I feel like Anne of Green Gables and want call it "On the Wings of Imagination"

These last few photos are works of Vladimir Kush. I love how they bring up such an opposite perspective of such normal things.

Also, I love his titles of his pieces almost as much as the art itself, which rarely happens.

Sunrise By the Ocean

Breakfast on the Lake

Fish in the City

Treasure Island

 African Sonata

Eye of the Needle

Fauna in La Mancha

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