Monday, April 18, 2011

Tax Day

Did you get you taxes done? I would imagine so... you probably got them done weeks ago.

Well I was...... I mean my superhero mom, was doing mine for me (while I watched) all weekend up until this afternoon. For whatever reason, they happened to be GINORMOUSLY confusing and just a pain in the foot.

Even though I just happened to be looking over her shoulder, this is how I felt:

Long story short, instead of owing over $500, I'll actually be getting enough back to buy a coffee or three for my mother, who is the bees knees.

And just for the record, if United States Department of Revenue truly has accuracy as their goal, they should rename the 1040EZ form to 1040EZ.jk


  1. I'm so glad to be not-the-only-one whose parent still does her taxes for her. In fact, I can one-up you ... because my dad does them while I'm not even watching. Eep.

    Also, I really like your re-name at the end. You should submit it to the Dept. of Revenue, and maybe one of the employees would laugh about it, and it would spark an unstoppable wave of humanity in the office. They'd all of a sudden be like, "hey, these tax forms are almost impossible for actual human beings to complete! we should do something about this."

    And voile, reformation. You're my hero already.

  2. Tierny, though I haven't met you (yet) I think you are awesome...I love your writing(s) about as much as I love Erin's....and that's a LOT! :)

  3. Aww, thanks! Even though we haven't met (yet), I can see you're very kind, and since you're a fan of Erin's writing, clearly have good taste (in light of which fact, I can forgive your slight lapse of judgment in lifting mine up to comparison with hers). ;)

    (This is how good I am at the cyber-world: I just found this comment-reply today. Oops...)