Friday, April 15, 2011

I was recently asked what the difference between a "thought" and a "musing" is, and I thought it fitting that I should enlighten and clarify for you dear readers.

A Thought would be: "Oh. It's let raining, I'll go nap and set my alarm for when the sun is supposed to come out next week.

A Musing:
The rain on my window
it trickles down
down down ever farther,
I hate clowns

This weeping sky is but a faint echo
for love,
I eat Dove

Where and when will the sun come
or is it forever gone?
I yearn for the break of dawn
I need the john.
* note. a musing does not always equal a poem

And for free, I'll tell you what an escapade would be.

An Escapade:

It was a gray rainy day, and I was driving along, minding my own business when my eyes were assaulted by a horrifically yellow Jeep that had "The Chad" proudly emblazoned in black on the side.
I immediately took this as the personal name of either the driver or the car, but in either case, the person driving is a bit of a muttonhead.*
The End

Mutton head. I don't what that means.... it just came to mind.

I was going to use 'osetentatious, presumptuous and snobbish,' but 2 of those 3 words are rather long. And this is just a blog, not a dictionary or something.

*note. That story is completely true. Except for the whole gray, raining part. I needed a way to tie the story in.

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  1. Oh how I love your thoughts, your musings and your escapades!