Sunday, March 20, 2011

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Along with being a (magnificent) self pronounced "Professional Scribbler, Warbler, and Ivory Tickler,"
Josh Groban quite often has delightfully witty tweets that I thought warranted sharing.
To see for yourself follow that link... 
or just read some of them here:

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"Gyro from a corner street vendor- 4$. The warmth of a chorus of grease covered angels singing "nom nom nom!" down my esophagus- priceless. "

Upon finding a name twin:
"Crazy find in the NY Times! Congrats Josh! "

"Even when talking to myself I lose focus and ask to "repeat that last part"

How come as a "classically influenced pop singer" I don't get to lash out in song at the haters the way rappers do?

Not incredibly witty, but I appreciate the sentiment:
"I need a cup of coffee. #focusplease

Oh empty hotel ice holder. You tease. #warmdietcokeagain

I'm so tired I'm seriously contemplating putting my head down on this bag of unopened potato chips and sleeping on my kitchen counter.

 Soon after his latest tour dates were announced:

"You crashed the sites!! :) It's cool, my label is switching away from the AOL dial up CD-ROM they seem to be using so it should be fixed soon."

After Christina A. anthem fiasco at that one football game...
"And for those warning me to practice, make no mistake, I WILL forget the words.... then make up other words that feel equally patriotic."

"HEAVY, a show about obesity on A&E is sponsored by Sargento cheese snacks. #uncouth

"Tokyo, I love you but there's an eye in my soup."

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