Thursday, March 10, 2011


Life has been so very busy lately, and a few nights ago, this came to mind, maybe one day it will turn into a song.

What would I give for a moment of clarity,
To live in the moment, not gasping for breath in an ocean of doubt.
Spinning before my eyes
The weight is pulling me down.
Down, down ever further

I am Alice in a terrible wonderland,
I recognize nothing
Always chasing, but never finding
Peace peace is all I want,
is all I need
Yet from the source i flee
Why do I run from the only solution? Would I reject the Truth that sits on my shelf
With pride I declare my independence and relinquish my soul. I am my own master and the captain of my ship.

But I cannot live this way
Oh Jesus!!
I run headlong from Your leading
and ever flee Your grace
Show me your mercy,
Show me your grace.
No one deserves it, least of all me!
Bring me to my knees
To your throne of majesty

How can a God like you, so holy so mighty, forgive a wretch like me!?
I will never comprehend your love, but in it's depths I am content
and I am safe.
Show me your mercy
show me your grace
take my heart
and give me yours

Just take the day moment by moment
Pausing for breath won't slow you down
It will let you survive
Set your mind on things above and the things below will fall into place

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