Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Cosby Sweater

Strands of yarn all twisted together
all those colors in pattern, not making any sense
So iconic, so nostalgic
So reminiscent of family vacations in an old hotel room

They danced this way
They danced that way
And every which way.
They all had their problems
But every 30 minutes, they were all resolved

Oh Mr Huxstable.
Just one look was all it took to send us into a fit of giggles
Just one  blank stare
Just one half grin

And sweet little Rudy with that little tiny face and the big attitude. She knew her mind and let everyone else have the pleasure as well
Good ole Theo could always be counted on for a laugh
Denise and the other sister, they were cool too.
Mrs H kept the peace, held down the fort, and loved her man.
This fictional family, so very different from our own, yet so much the same.

Then came that little red button, so equally loved and hated, depending on the moment.
It was pressed for the last time, the lights turned off, and all was dark, all was silent.
Yet in our minds echoed the lines we had repeated, and laughter had we shared.

Good clean fun, that's all it was. That's all we wanted
How we all enjoyed those long summer nights that always seemed so short.

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