Monday, May 9, 2011

Smells of Summer

Finally it's here.

At least the weather, if not the freedom from school...

The sun is shining and the temperature is in the positive digits

Lawns are being mowed, citrus smelling lotions and perfumes are now permissable. I caught my first wiff of sunscreen........ bliss

 Bring It On.

One of my absolute most favorite moments is one that I usually don't get to experience till much later in the year, but today, with arrival of 90 degree weather, it happened.

After a long day at work, I got into my boiling vehicle and started home.

By the time I got to Maple St, I had sweat nearly trickling down my neck.

Attractive, I know.
Did I mind? Not in the least.
I knew what was coming.

I made it home, and opened the front door and that delightful rush of cool air that only air conditioning can bring, wrapped itself around me.

I breathed it all in and had a little happy sigh all to myself. Delicious.
Totally worth it.

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