Thursday, August 25, 2011


I 've done a lot of unusual things in my two decades on this planet, but today I had the privilege of being hand fed a muffin. It made me feel like this:

I had been painting my soon-to-be room, and was washing out the brush and pan,
thereby rendering my extremities unusable.

Out of nowhere, my sister appeared, holding a glorious morsel of pumpkin-y goodness.

For a moment, I was at a loss. How could I get this goodness inside me??

Whilst still washing out that dratted paint brush, I just took a bite.
And it was everything I dreamed (in the last .4 seconds) it would be.

This is what I felt like on the inside :

You might think there's more to the story, but no.... there's not.

This is the end.

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