Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Art of Blogging

Alright. I'm back.
This summer has been so many things and the foremost quality has been a relaxed busy.

Odd terminoligy,  you might say,

and I say... actually I say nothing.

about that.

In the face of my "relaxed busy summer," I'm sure you have noticed the severe drop off in postings, but this blogger is not the "till death do us part" type of blogger.

Instead, I'm more of a: "I MUST clean, do homework, license my car, and bake a pie! .... I suppose I'll blog" type of blogger.

Since nothing in the last few weeks has called for a supreme amount of procrastination, here we are.

But now I'd like to ease the nagging bundle of guilt I now have stored up, due to my own laziness, and I'll attempt to rustle up a few posts.

here we go.

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