Friday, July 1, 2011

Signs of Oddity

I have been to Village Point many times, (a local outdoor shopping center ) but tonight I as walked down the streets, the some of signs posted struck me as particularly odd

Example 1:

What a heavenly place to go! A divine bakery! How pleasant! And I've always loved cheeseburgers! But to be able to have them in Paradise! Bliss unmeasured! Scrumpdiddlyumptious!

Example 2:


Example 3:

Long past are the days of saving the eagles... these guys outfit them! With so many of them being bald and all, there's no need for them to be naked as well!!

But forget those foreign eagles.... these outfits are for American feathers exclusively.
(so what if all the clothes come from China? not important.)

Example 4:

And the boys get... "Injustice?"

Example 5:

(Chica= girl Chico = boy)

 "I love that blouse! Where'd you get it?

"oh, Boy's."


Example 6:

It amazing what you get used to. I imagine the next store on the block will be Pear Democracy, or perhaps Mango Monarchy, Kiwi Tribalism or Pineapple Anarchy.

I mean, really.

Example 7:

Who knew children came so cheap! Turns out you can pick em up for the "super duper clearence price" of $3.99! Pick up 2 while you're at it! A baby and a kid!

Sadly, if you need an adolescent, you'll need to move on... perhaps to Chico's?

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